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Child Safety & Risk Management

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Child Protection and Safety

Policies and Documentation for School Groups

Sovereign Hill is committed to providing a safe and friendly environment for all children. This page is designed to help teachers who are planning an excursion or camp to Sovereign Hill and/or Narmbool. It will help you locate the documents you need.

1. Child Protection Policy

This policy outlines:
How our staff are expected to relate to children.
Staff selection and training (including mandatory Working With Children Checks for all staff).
Procedures for reporting child abuse.
Responsibilities of staff.

2. Insurance

Current Public Liability Insurance Certificate

3. Accreditation

Residential Campsite Certificate of Accreditation for

Sovereign Hill
Sovereign Hill Hotel

Narmbool Camps Association Certificate

4. Supervision of Students and First Aid

Our Code of Conduct and Conditions of Entry for visiting schools explain:
• Visiting teachers must ensure “they maintain close supervision of the students in their care at all times”. Whilst activities may be led by Sovereign Hill staff and volunteers, duty of care remains with supervising teachers at all times.
• As stated in our Child Protection Policy, all staff (and volunteers) have Working With Children Checks.
• “Schools are responsible for first aid, including the provision of qualified first aid staff and first aid equipment.” Sovereign Hill has first aid trained staff only as a back-up for schools.

5. Emergency Procedures

What to do in an emergency provides a flow chart for teachers. This information is also provided on the Teacher Map which is given to all schools. Sovereign Hill staff are trained and will be available to help in any emergency.
• Emergency procedures for the Sovereign Hill Hotel and for Narmbool are displayed prominently on the doors of all accommodation rooms.
• The Code Red Letter to Principals explains that Sovereign Hill is not in a fire prone area and outlines our arrangements and procedures for Code Red Days.

6. Risk Assessments

• Sovereign Hill conducts risk assessments for all activities that students and other visitors will be involved in. Because there are literally hundreds of activities and each school visit is a different combination of activities, it is not feasible to provide every school with a unique assessment for their particular schedule.
• Short descriptions of Sovereign Hill Education programs are available on our website.
• All schools must complete their own risk assessment before visiting our sites.
Safety Considerations at Sovereign Hill explains some risks and our safety procedures.

7. Sovereign Hill Safety Information

This document provides information about bodies of water, out of bounds areas and horse safety. This information is also provided on the Teacher Map which is given to all schools.


8. Access and Inclusion

Sovereign Hill is committed to be accessible and inclusive of all audiences.
Social Stories are available on our website for those on the Autism Spectrum visiting the Sovereign Hill outdoor museum.
Auslan movies describe many of our common demonstrations and presentations for deaf or hard-of-hearing visitors.
• Our Access page provides additional information concerning physical access, the Sovereign Hill Hotel facilities, hearing loops and more.


9. Narmbool Specific Information

Camp details, Code of Conduct, Emergency rocedures, risk assessments and Critical Incident Management information for Narmbool can all be found in our Camp and Safety Information booklet.

10. Costume Information

Please respect the responsibilities and roles of our staff and volunteers, and the experience of other visitors, by not wearing goldrush period costume or fancy dress at Sovereign Hill.
Download Costume Information.