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Night Time Shows for Schools

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After 23 years Blood on the Southern Cross has ended.

A completely new and exciting show will be revealed in 2019!

Between July and December 2018, two wonderful night-time programs are available for schools in our beautiful Victoria Theatre.


On Monday and Wednesday nights, Sovereign Hill’s famous pantomime will be on offer. The show consists of two acts…

Little Red Robin Hood (pantomime)

Is it Little Red Riding Hood or Robin Hood? Well, the owners of the Victoria Theatre at Sovereign Hill can’t agree which story to tell. So, to the delight of audiences, they present both at the same time! This is classic, hilarious pantomime with a wonderful new twist.

The Queen versus Timothy Hayes

Witness the trial of Eureka rebel, Timothy Hayes! Be part of the ‘jury’ and make up your own mind about his guilt or innocence on the charge of treason in the wake of the Eureka Rebellion.

$8.60 per student.


On Tuesdays and Thursdays an exciting new play will be presented by the Two Friends Theatre Company.

Peter Lalor and the Rush for Gold

This exciting play explores the diggers’ problems and the anger that led them to build the Eureka Stockade and fight the government for their rights.
Meet the key historical figures - Governor Hotham and rebel leader Peter Lalor, to find out how they helped change Victoria forever during the great gold rushes.
Filled with larger-than-life characters, bright and imaginative visuals and plenty of comedy, this play is guaranteed to entertain and educate young audiences!

Download a flier here.

$15.00 per student

Bookings are Essential

Call 5337 1188 or email education@sovereignhill.com.au