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Queen Victoria’s Wedding

Sovereign Hill Historian, Anna Kyi, discusses George Hayter’s painting The Marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. A lithograph of this painting can be found in the Charlie Napier Hotel dining room. Anna discusses the courtship, wedding and married life of this famous couple. Music by Men O’ the Hill. Music by Men O’ the Hill. Download text here. You can find a copy of this painting here.  Published in July 2009.





Quatre Bras

Sovereign Hill Historian, Jan Croggon, takes us on a fascinating voyage into a painting called Quatre Bras by Lady Butler.  It tells the story of a huge battle that took place two days before the battle of Waterloo, a battle that shaped modern European history. Music by Men O’ the Hill. Published in July 2009





The Relief of Lucknow

Tim Sullivan explains the story behind a wonderful artwork called The Relief of Lucknow painted by Thomas Jones Barker. He explains the nature of British colonial rule in India and the  horror of the Indian muntiny. The painting depicts Bristish troops relieving Lucknow after a three month siege by 10,000 rebels. Music by Men O’ the Hill. Download text here. Find a copy of the painting here. Published in August 2009