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Goldfields Quotes Index

These quotes are primary sources from the goldfields era. They are available both in written and audio form so you can read while you are listening to one of Sovereign Hill’s interpreters.Click here to download all the Goldfields Quotes in a print friendly version (Word)

Use the index to find the quote you want to listen to then click on the title above the text to start the audio. (You may like to use a PMI to sort these quotes.)


Page 1
Gold in the grass-roots - William Howitt
Tragedy in Peg Leg Gully - C Rudston Read
Strange and Pathetic Cases – William Howitt
Flies! – William Howitt
The Women of Bendigo – William Howitt
The Amiable Female – Mrs Clacy
Page 2
Survey of Bendigo – James Bonwick
Never shall I forget that scene - Ellen Clacy
Night at the diggings – Ellen Clacy
The Commissioner’s Report - John Richard Hardy
What Men! – William Howitt
A Crisis has arrived – William Howitt
Page 3
Chinese for Creswick – William Howitt
They are a great Nuisance – Charles J. Kenworthy
Inferior Races – Henry Melville
Condition of the Aborigines - W. Thomas
A statement to the Colonists of Victoria – Peter Lalor
The Eureka Oath – Ballarat Times Report