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Picture This

Vodcasting at Sovereign Hill

This vodcast describes a way of using digital cameras and a free software program called Photostory to put together a film using Sovereign Hill. It is suitable for both teachers and students. Published in May 2008. Updated in June 2010.



A Great Place to Visit

This video is also available from TeacherTube and is not an advertisment! It models a way for students to put together a visual argument using images from Sovereign Hill. This movie argues that while history might be a great place to visit you would not want to live there. It uses images from Sovereign Hill as secondary sources of information and audio tracks from Sovereign Hill Education website’s Audio Library as primary sources.
This resource is an example for secondary school groups doing the Picture This activity at Sovereign Hill. Ten different contentions are presented for students to choose to explore. Published in August 2008.



Picture This Instructions

Teachers Notes