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In the spirit of play-based learning, we offer these resources for teachers to play with.



Then and Now


Teddy’s Visit


ABC Hunt



The Blacksmith


Teddy’s Visit


Washing Day


(You may like to have your students take photos at Sovereign Hill to illustrate the poems below)

Families in the Old Days. The Speedwell Street Series

The Davidsons


Grandma Wain’s


Chambers’ Cottage

Poems and Stories

The Blacksmith


The Butcher,
the Baker,
the Candlestick


I Remember the

Illustrated Word Lists

The Stables


The Butcher


The Baker


The Blacksmith


The Lolly Shop


AusVELS History K - 3



Sovereign Hill Education would like to thank the following teachers for their help in developing these materials:
Julie Bradby - Retired, Julie Gall - Buninyong PS, Emily Westblade - Ballarat Christian College, Chris Rossiter - Yuille Park Community College, Cynthia Cook - St Francis Xavier PS, Dr. Susan Crowe - Catholic Education Office, David McConchie - Pleasant Street PS, Jason Spark - St Alipius PS, Jenny Jeffrey - Mt Clear PS.