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For Chinese Students

Be Your Own Tourist Guide.

These resources were developed by Jun Wang, Chinese Assistant as part of the Assistants to Teachers of Chinese program in 2009. Students are challenged to become a tourist guide and create an itinerary in English and present it as a PowerPoint. At Sovereign Hill students research the activities available for their itinerary  and use their own cameras to take photographs.

1. Student worksheet. This pre excursion activity prepares students for their visit, giving them an orientation to Sovereign Hill and outlining their project.

2. My Visit to Sovereign Hill. This PowerPoint is an example to show students what sort of itinerary they might set up.



Chinese Language

1. Sovereign Hill Chinese Dictionary. This PowerPoint uses Sovereign Hill to introduce simple Chinese words to beginning learners of the language. Topics include numbers, colours, animals and clothes and students are invited to complete their own personalised dictionary with photos of themselves in modern clothes.

2. Dictionary Audio File. This mp3 file can be used in conjunction with the dictionary. Jun Wang gives the appropriate pronunciation of each word in Chinese.

3. Be a Chinese Tourist Guide. This PowerPoint is suitable for intermediate Chinese language learners. It explores Sovereign Hill using Chinese language and characters.

4. Be a Chinese Tourist Guide Audio Recording. This mp3 supports the above PowerPoint. Jun Wang gives the appropriate pronunciation of each word in Chinese.


 Italian Language

Italian LOTE Trail (pdf) This trail is for use on a visit to Sovereign Hill and is suitable for beginnig learners of Italian language.