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This page presents short movies and articles featuring the voices of teachers and students discussing the fundamentals of learning at Sovereign Hill.

You may wish to make your own movies about your Sovereign Hill experience. It is a great way to address the Personal and Social Capabilities standards and to make learning explicit. We’d love to see them.


What do Teachers Learn on a school visit to a museum? A research project at Sovereign Hill.

This 2015 research project asked teachers to reflect on their learning at Sovereign Hill in terms of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. Download the paper here.

Gold Fever

Gold Fever is one of Sovereign Hill’s most popular education programs for Years 5 and 6 students. This video features education officers, teachers and students talking about what makes this program so engaging. Stream the video here.


The Industrial Revolution Meets The Information Revolution

Berwick SC trialled Sovereign Hill’s new year 9 AusVELS session on the Industrial Revolution. They used a range of modern technologies to record information and to present their findings. In this video students talk about the value of an excursion and their learning while at Sovereign Hill. Stream the Video here.


Biodiversity Bus Stop at Narmbool

In this the International year of Biodiversity students from the Ballarat district showcased their schools’ expertise in a particular area of Biodiversity and Sustainability. The Biodiversity Bus Stop was student driven and funded by the Catholic Education Office with support from Narmbool/Sovereign Hill Museums Association.

Listen to students talk about the Biodiversity Bus Stop


Doug Bradby Talks

Doug Bradby is a history teacher and author of the Seriously Wierd History series. In this selection of clips he is speaking to a group of primary teachers about the importance of narrative in teaching history and about his passion for local history. This presentation was made at the Literacy Through History conference held at Sovereign Hill in August 2010.

Doug’s talk


Picture This!

A program for secondary schools using digital cameras to collect evidence. Download a flier and check the movie Vodcasting at Sovereign Hill on our Podcast Page.

Interviews with East Doncaster SC 2008

Interviews with Parade College 2010


History In a Digital World

History in a Digital World Paper published in The Social Educator, May 2009 - Volume 27 Number 1. This article explores some of the feedback from students and teachers in a Melbourne school involved in trials of the program.


A Woman’s Work is Never Done

This costumed program for secondary students sees girls working as domestic help in Sovereign Hill’s cottages.

Ballarat Secondary College 2010


Choose Your Own Adventure: Authentic Learning at Sovereign Hill

A teaching kit available for primary schools. It uses Bloom’s Taxonomy and Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences to promote student centred research. Find it on our Teaching Kits page.

Interviews with Wendouree PS and Newborough PS 2008


Tiily’s Troubles

A literacy program for early learners featuring a picture story book set at Sovereign Hill.

Dana Street Primary 2009