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Creswick Mining Disaster

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In December 1882, 22 miners drowned when water flooded the New Australasian No 2 Mine in Creswick. Over three days, a frantic rescue was attempted to find 27 men underground. Only five survived. Sovereign Hill’s new mine experience Trapped tells this dramatic tale.


This index provides a number of primary and secondary sources for teachers, students and interested adults.

1. Background. What happened? A Timeline and a video.

2. Secondary Sources Movies and Podcasts about important parts of the disaster as told by Sovereign Hill Experts.

3. Primary Sources Pictures Links to pictures drawn at the time depicting scenes of the disaster and a plan and cross section.

4. Primary Sources Newspapers Podcasts of edited highlights from The Argus reporter and links to full articles reported all over Australia.

5. Activities  Activities for students and teachers.


1. Background. What Happened?


Timeline of events



Trapped     ABC Ballarat reporter, Margaret Burin speaks to Creswick Museum vice-president, Jack Sewell, and Sovereign Hill Deputy CEO, Tim Sullivan about the disaster and the Trapped exhibit.