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VCE Geography

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VCE Geography, Unit 2 Tourism

Resources for Teachers

Download a  Google doc describing the key knowlegde and skills addressed by each resource here.


Fieldwork Activities for Sovereign Hill (Word doc)
Maps and Photos

Area of Study 1
Area of Study 2
GTAV PowerPoint Presentations (Google slides)



Maps and Photos

Maps Photos

Schools’ maps
Visitor Map
Wheelchair map
Google Earth 3D model
Site Contour Map

Slide show of Photos with notes
Sovereign Hill 1907

Aerial View Opening Day 1970
Aerial View 1980s
Aerial View 1990s
Aerial View 2015



Area of Study 1: Characteristics of Tourism

International Tourism Statistics from Austrade

Domestic Tourism Statistics from Austrade

Videos: The Characteristics of Tourism. Interviews with Garry Burns, Sovereign Hill Marketing Director

Sovereign Hill visitation statistics (download in Microsoft Word)

Visit Victoria or Trip Advisor top 10 Victrorian destinations

Sovereign Hill Website Getting Here

Austrade China Approved Destination Scheme

Austrade China Free Trade Agreement

Austrade Sovereign Hill Video Free Trade Agreement


Area of Study 2: Impact of Tourism

The Sovereign Hill Charter

Sovereign Hill Economic Study (The executive summary might be most appropriate.)

Goldrush Revival article in Rush Magazine p 18 - 20

Sovereign Hill’s Tourist Boom, The Courier, 31 July 2017

Video: The Characteristics of Tourism 2. Interview with Garry Burns, Sovereign Hill Marketing Director  (There is a  question about marketing and economic sustainability towards the end.)

Video: Environmental Impacts of Tourism at Sovereign Hill. Interview with Jarrod Page, Sovereign Hill Operations Manager (Environmental impacts)

Video: The Socio-cultural Value of Tourism at Sovereign Hill. Interview with Brett Dunlop, Sovereign Hill Director of Museums (Socio - cultural value)

Web Page: Sovereign Hill Environmental Programs




Characteristics of Tourism 1

Characteristics of Toursim 2

Socio-cultural value of Tourism

Environmental Impacts of Tourism


GTAV PowerPoint Presentations

GTAV Annual Conference 2016 (Google slides) explores some approaches to classroom resources and fieldwork
GTAV VCE Conference 2016 (Google Slides) focusses on fieldwork exercises